Brands need space, form and meaning.

Designing temporary architectural structures for tradefair presentations,

exhibitions and installations as well as architecture for flagship stores,

>> conceptional and realizable <<

and developing the right solutions - spatially, medially and interactively.

Create the necessary freedom to think and act, step beyond the

individual disciplines and always overlooking the whole task.

>> cooperative and progressive <<

My offer in Detail.






Consulting to Design

As part of my client consulting practice, my goal is to take a holistic approach that seamlessly blends design and consulting. By combining these two elements, I help my clients overcome their unique challenges and differentiate themselves from their competitors. I strive to develop customized solutions that are functional, brand-driven and successful.

My mission is to help my clients achieve their goals and reach their full potential by providing design and consulting in an integrated approach. My motivation lies in not just being satisfied with what is already there, but building on it and continually growing.

Driven by the desire to build, remodel and design.

I burn for creative work, creating and transforming.

Some ideas i have been working on.


Possible Process.

Brands i already worked with.